South Florida Chiropractors for Family Wellness

Corrective Prenatal & Family Care

Our Approach

There seems to be a chiropractor on every street corner, so what makes our office different?  Learn what separates our practice and how it may support your family!

Pregnancy & Kids

Chiropractic supports both expectant moms and children of all ages.  Our office focuses on safe, gentle, and effective techniques for these special patients!

Upcoming Events

We host several classes and events designed to help families make conscious choices in all areas of their life and connect with other families.  Check out the schedule!


  • Love Dr. Ian! He helped me turn my breach baby at 39 weeks.  My OB/GYN had told me there was only a 1% change of the baby turning, but Dr. Ian made it happen. He is amazing!

  • My husband and I and our two boys have been seeing Dr. Shtulman...We have noticed an improvement in our overall health, and I trust him completely with the health of my family.

  • Dr. Ian Shtulman has helped my daughter and my family more than I could have imagined...I highly recommend Shtulman Family Chiropractic.

  • Dr. Ian is friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. Our family loves his holistic approach and genuine concern for his patients.

  • After just a few months I have felt headache relief for the first time in 26 years! I never thought it would be possible that I could go an entire week without a migraine (much less a whole month!) but he proved me wrong.

  • My son was very fussy, not sleeping well, and not having bowel movements properly.  After his first adjustment, he was a different baby. Much calmer, sleeping longer at night, and started pooping a lot!  The adjustment was simple, and he responded very well.

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