Before I started receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Ian I had very few days that I actually felt good. I had insomnia that gradually worsened to the point of never getting the sleep I needed to function. I always felt like I was exhausted and walking around in a fog. I had no energy to exercise and made poor nutritional choices due to the ease of just grabbing something that was already made. I was having chronic allergic symptoms of my sinuses and always felt stuffy. I was taking prescription sleep medication, over the counter allergy medication, and ibuprofen to get through the day. My son then started having some major health problems and I didn’t know how I was going to have the energy and concentration that was needed to help him and get him better while still working full time and taking care of our household.

I met Dr. Ian and Sasha at a community event and had a scan of my spine and a brief explanation of how chiropractic care could help my body to help itself. I decided to go in for a more in depth evaluation for both me and my son. I began receiving care on that same day.

Even after a few adjustments I started to feel better. Now after just one month my insomnia is gone and my sleep medication has been thrown away. Instead of feeling bad all the time, I feel good most of the time. I have more energy and have begun exercising and eating right again. My allergic symptoms have improved and I no longer take medication for them. I feel hopeful, competent, and clear-headed as I take care of my son and he has started seeing Dr. Ian as well.

I would recommend that anyone who is experiencing problems like mine to give chiropractic care a try. Have the initial evaluation and let Dr. Ian explain how this care can help your body work better so it can better heal itself. It is not painful – just the opposite – you will leave your adjustments feeling great! Dr. Ian and Sasha are terrific and create an atmosphere that is calming and healing. I am so thankful that I happened to meet them and that I followed through. I feel great!

– Jeanie B.


I began seeing Dr. Ian in April of 2012 for lower back and shoulder pain. After a few short visits I noticed I was no longer complaining of stiffness and pain in the evening before bed. For months I thought I would have to live with this pain since my job required me to sit in front of the computer for a majority of the day.

As an unexpected bonus when I met with Dr. Ian at the initial consultation I mentioned to him that a previous doctor had asked me to wear a small heel lift, to help with my lower back pain. That doctor had measured my legs and said they were 2 different lengths, which may have been causing my pain. It turns out that my legs weren’t 2 different lengths after all – they just appeared to be. Since working with Dr. Ian, I no longer wear the heal lift since my legs are actually the same length!

My greatest suggestion to anyone considering chiropractic care would be to give it a chance, talk with Dr. Ian about your concerns and worries, and he will customize a plan that will work for you and your comfort level. It worked for me and I am now pain free and my husband no longer has to hear me complain at the end of the day – a win/win for us both!

– Emilee F.


Dr. Ian was recommended by my doula after I experienced sciatic nerve pain during my eight month of pregnancy. After just once adjustment, the pain completely went away. I continued to get adjusted until the natural birth of my beautiful baby girl, Eva. Dr. Ian explained the importance of pelvic adjustments and how they can help the baby get into position for birth as well as reduce the pain associated with labor surges. I can honestly say I experienced very little pain even during the most intense surges!

About ten weeks after the birth, Eva’s reflux was worse than ever. She was uncomfortable after each feeding – constantly spitting up, coughing, and fussing hours after a feeding. It wasn’t only affecting her feedings, but her sleep and mine. I was hesitant to take Eva for an adjustment at such a young age, but I couldn’t bear to see her so uncomfortable. Dr. Ian was amazing. He performed what seemed like a very simple adjustment on Eva, and the results were astounding! That night, Eva slept the longest stretch of sleep she ever had and kept an entire feeding down. Since then, she’s been enjoying getting adjusted one to two times a week and has been eating and sleeping comfortably. It was an incredible transformation, and we owe it all to Dr. Ian.

– Julie


Before seeing Dr. Ian I suffered from severe headaches about 3-7 times each week. I also had horrible pain during menstruation. I would have such bad cramps that I would be forced into bed.

After just 2 adjustments, my headaches almost stopped completely. I have been seeing Dr. Ian for 3 weeks now and I have only had 3 headaches! When my menstrual cycle came my cramps were way less excruciating! I am very excited to see what will happen to my health when I continue to get adjustments.

Another big plus of going to Shtulman Family Chiropractic is that Dr. Ian goes out of his way to make sure you are educated on what’s happening in your body and how adjustments will help. I have been to MANY doctors over the years for my issues and I have never been so confident and comfortable with a doctor before. I would recommend anyone who is having health issues to go see Dr. Ian. He would be happy to just talk and educate you on how chiropractic care can help you.

– Laura P.


I am 26 years old and have had debilitating migraine headaches my entire life. I had been to almost every doctor out there- general practitioner, neurologists, allergists, etc. Each one told me they couldn’t find anything “wrong” with me and suggested just continuing taking various amounts of prescription medication to manage the severity and frequency of the headaches. Then I began seeing Dr. Ian and my life has literally changed. I realize how dramatic that sounds for an online review but after just a few months I have felt relief for the first time in 26 years. I never thought it would be possible that I could go an entire week without a migraine (much less a whole month!) but he proved me wrong.

Dr. Ian and Sasha run an amazing and caring practice. Thank you so much for helping me 🙂

– Beth G.


Shtulman Family Chiropractic has been wonderful for my family. I received adjustments right up until I gave birth. During pregnancy Dr. Ian completely eliminated the round ligament pain I was having and helped tremendously with my postpartum recovery. He has helped my husband remain pain free despite his physically demanding job as a martial arts school owner. But I am most grateful for the adjustments he has given my daughter. The treatment she received just days after birth was gentle and a huge help in resolving our latching issues. Dr. Ian and his wife are so kind and exemplify what all health care should be like!

– Julia P.


Before leaving Canada my massage therapist told me that my back was too far out of alignment and his treatment was almost a waste of time and money. I was told to find and get chiropractic help as soon as possible. Being very active in all winter sports-hockey, skiing, curling, they were all affected by the lack of mobility in my neck and lower back.

My pain was getting greater with each passing day. I was no longer looking forward to ice skating on the frozen lake with my grandchildren. I was satisfied staying in the house and not moving. I knew my three day drive to Florida was coming up and I was not anxious to face the pain associated with this trip.

We arrived on a Monday and on Tuesday I happened by Dr. Shtulman’s office.

Well, I was fortunate enough to have appointments booked while here in Florida. My chiropractic healing began! I was worried at first because I had not received this kind of care in thirty years. It only took the first treatment to realize that this is what my body required for natural healing.

Dr. Shtulman and his gentle touch has given me back more than just physical mobility. My energy level is up. I am able to sleep all night. I look forward to facing the new day but I am not ready to go back to my frozen lake in Ontario just yet.

Thank you Dr. Shtulman for the time you have given me and the natural care used in my rehab to my physical fitness.

From a thankful Ontarian,

– Larry T.


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