In a recent article from featured on The Huffington Post, a list of the top ten non-drug options to relieve sinus congestion was featured.  I was interested to see the variety of natural options recommended by self-described health experts, but unfortunately, left disappointed.

They included popular options like Neti Pots, humidifiers, and aromatherapy (even listing some of them twice).  What amazed me was the inclusion of “Medicated Nasal Spray” and “Over-the-counter Decongestant”.  Am I confused or are those both drugs?  

America has become so numb to pharmaceuticals that they consider non-prescriptive drugs as a natural remedy.  These are dangerous, temporary cover-ups that limit your body’s innate ability to heal.  Symptoms are intended to rid the body of toxins, bacteria, other nasty stuff.  When you suppress coughs and sneezes it keeps that junk inside and slows the healing process.  

Listen to your body’s innate intelligence and allow it to work.  Instead of filling your body with chemicals that suppress its natural function, be proactive and take the steps necessary to improve its ability to heal quickly.

I recommend eating fresh fruits and vegetables, exercising daily, having an attitude of gratitude, get plenty of sunshine (increases Vit D), and get adjusted by your chiropractor.  Doing so will increase your energy, vitality, and inborn ability to heal.  Until next time…