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Fun at the Festival

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped out with this year’s Fall Family Festival!  We transformed the office into a Fall scene for about 100 people from around the community who came to celebrate the season.  There was fun for the whole family, from pumpkin...

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Saturday: Fall Family Festival

Last year we celebrated the start of fall with dozens of families at our first Fall Family Festival. Children of all ages came to decorate pumpkins, get their face painted, play games, and eat fall treats...overall, it was a lot of fun for everyone! This (new) annual...

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Artery Structure Affects Migraines

Migraine researchers continually look for causes and cures for this debilitating pain that affects an estimated 28 million people. Recently, they discovered a new piece of the migraine puzzle. Migraine sufferers are more likely than others to have an incomplete...

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The Power of Juice

For 34 years Jack LaLanne entertained and inspired millions of Americans to adopt a healthier lifestyle through physical fitness, nutrition, and chiropractic (little known fact - he was a chiropractor himself)! While many remember him from the days of black and white...

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Can Breastfeeding Prevent ADHD?

The diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, referred to as ADHD, is increasing. A recent report by the CDC says that 11%, more than 1 in 10, school-aged children have been diagnosed with the chronic mental health condition. Characterized by...

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