Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the U.S., claiming more than 616,000 lives each year.  Researchers have identified certain genes that make people more susceptible to developing heart disease.  Some people believe that a family history and genetic predisposition mean heart disease (or cancer) are a matter of “when”, not “if.”

In a study of 27,000 people with the “high-risk gene” for heart disease were divided into groups that ate a diet that was high or low in fruits, berries, and veggies.  The group that ate the least amount of the good stuff saw a 30% increase in their risk of developing heart disease.  “That suggests the diet weakened the impact of the gene,” according to the study author.  “It means that perhaps our family history, or genetic risk, is modifiable.”

This new research agrees with what chiropractors have been saying for years, that your genes aren’t your destiny – you have the power to turn them on or off!  A science called “epigenetics” has been around since the 70s and explains that lifestyle choices can turn gene expression on or off.  Essentially, that genetic predisposition doesn’t mean anything unless your lifestyle activates the gene.

Guess what…you control your health!  Sickness and disease are not from bad germs, bad genes, or bad luck – it’s from the choices you make!  An important choice is the choice to have a nervous system function without interference by getting regular chiropractic check-ups.  Previous research shows that chiropractic can turn off genes that lead to chronic disease and early aging.

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