Vaccines are without a doubt the single most debated topic in healthcare today.  Rather than trying to accurately portray the complicated and sensitive subject, I’d rather you hear from the experts themselves…

This Weekly Health Tip is short.  It’s a link to a documentary called The Greater Good, focused on looking behind the fear, hype, and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate for years.  The film attempts to remove the emotions that have plagued the discussion and examine the rationale and science behind the vaccine program.

The great news is you can currently view the documentary for free online.  Here’s the catch – it’s only available online until November 5th.  Watch it.  This is a must-see if you have children, want children, or know someone who does.

This is obviously an emotionally-charged issue.  If you are interested in learning more about raising a family with an altered vaccination schedule (or no vaccinations at all), please help us continue the conversation by joining our Pathways Connect Gathering Group.