We live in a modern world of convenience.  Cell phones are amazing products.  They allow us to instantly connect to others, check email, ad watch ridiculous videos on YouTube.  But sometimes technology advances faster than our awareness and understanding of its effects.  

According to a panel of 31 international scientists at the World Health Organization, cell phone users may be at an increased risk for two types of tumors.  They also recommended that users reduce their exposure to the potentially harmful energy emitted from their phones.  This news is far from conclusive, but adds to the concern about technology advances and our health.

Technology advances faster than we can measure its effects.  In the rush for the newest best-seller, many products are assumed to be safe before they can be properly assessed.  In the short-term, there appears to be no adverse effects of cell phone radiation.  But what about 20, 30, or 40 years later?  Does anyone know what long exposure to low radiation from cell phones can do?

Sadly, the answer is no.  However, here are a few tips from the Environmental Working Group on how to protect your family from radiation.

  1. -Buy a low-radiation phone.
  2. -Use a headset or speaker, rather than having the antenna pressed against your head.
  3. -Listen more, talk less.  Your phone only emits radiation when you talk or text, not when you listen.
  4. -Hold phone away from body.  Keep away from head, body, pocket, or belt where soft tissues can absorb radiation.
  5. -Text instead of talk, it uses less power.
  6. -Wait for strong signal.  Your phone uses more radiation when your signal is weak.
  7. -Keep children away!  Young children absorb twice as much radiation as adults.

Visit the EWG website for more information about cell phone radiation.