Migraine researchers continually look for causes and cures for this debilitating pain that affects an estimated 28 million people. Recently, they discovered a new piece of the migraine puzzle. Migraine sufferers are more likely than others to have an incomplete network of arteries that supply blood to the brain.

When structural abnormalities in the blood vessels affect blood flow to the brain, they may increase susceptibility to migraines.  Since most of the observed abnormalities among subjects in the study occurred in the back of the brain where the visual cortex is located, these findings may help explain why some people experience an “aura” with visual symptoms like spots, flashing lights, or wavy lines.

Researchers are trying to use this information to understand migraine triggers and develop new treatments.

This new discovery by the medical community provides further evidence for the importance of chiropractic care for migraine sufferers.  The artery network in question, the Circle of Willis, originates from the vertebral arteries, which are blood vessels that travel through the bones of the cervical spine (the neck).  Chiropractors have known for years that dysfunction in the cervical
spine can interfere with nerve signals going from the brain to the body (and from body back to brain) as well as alter blood flow to the brain.  This Neuro-Spinal Dysfunction leads to a variety of secondary conditions, and migraines are a common one!

Correcting this Neuro-Spinal Dysfunction is essential for restoring normal nervous system function and helping the blood flow unimpeded to the brain.  Many patients in our office have experienced significant reduction in the frequency, duration, and severity of their migraines following specific chiropractic adjustments.

While researchers continue to search for drugs or surgery to temporarily relieve migraine pain,
our office will continue to correct the underlying Neuro-Spinal Dysfunction.